Volunteer Opportunities

ConCrew 35 - Volunteer applications are now ope!

Registration Cashier

Age Requirement: 14+

Skills/Requirements: Welcoming Attitude, Cash Handling, Comfortable with Computers, Good Communication Skills

Description: One of the first people you interact with at the convention, our Registration Cashiers greet attendees, process payments, confirm registration information and print badges for walk-in guests. They also answer general questions.

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Registration Assistant

Age Requirement: 12+ (9+ if paired with parent acting as Registration Cashier)

Skills/Requirements: Helpful Attitude, Good Communication Skills, Attention to Detail

Description: Registration Assistants check in pre-registered guests using a scanner, distribute their badges and lanyards, and offer support to the Registration Cashiers. They explain the Auction process to attendees who have purchased that option and answer general questions.

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Info Desk

Age Requirement: 12+

Skills/Requirements: Helpful Attitude, Good Communication Skills, Attention to Detail

Description: Info Desk volunteers answer general convention questions. They accept games being loaned or returned for Hosted Events, assist attendees entering the badge draw and keep a watchful eye on the Draw Box. They also prompt volunteers to sign in for their shift.

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Game Librarian

Age Requirement: 12+ (9+ if paired with a parent also acting as a Librarian)

Skills/Requirements: Knowledge About a Variety of Board Games, Helpful Attitude, Attention to Detail

Description: Game Librarians assist attendees in selecting games with desired difficulty and player count. They check in and check out the games using a barcode scanner, audit the contents of returning games, document any missing components, and re-shelve where appropriate. They also print game labels and distribute coloured cones to attendees seeking a game teacher or more players.

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Auction Intake

Age Requirement: 14+

Skills/Requirements: Comfortable Working with Computers, Some Lifting

Description: Auction Intake volunteers receive and check in games that are delivered for the auction. They ensure that the condition of the game matches the description provided, print and apply stickers to game boxes, and sort games on the auction shelves.

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Game Host

Age Requirement: 12+ (Younger hosts require special permission from the Training Coordinator their parent/guardian)

Skills/Requirements: Excellent Communication Skills, Friendly, Able to learn, Able to teach others without the rulebook, Puts the enjoyment of others ahead of their own when teaching or moderating games (Game Hosts attend an additional training session).

Open Gaming Hosts help attendees find additional players, teach games, find game teachers, and keep the spaces tidy in the Opening Gaming area. When teaching, they use the FallCon Teaching Method and assist multiple tables during peak times. They answer general convention questions.

Hosted Event Game Hosts teach and actively facilitate multiple tables of a specific game during a pre-scheduled time slot. Using the FallCon Teaching Method, they prepare thoroughly to gain or add to an in-depth understanding of the hosted game. They manage communication with participating attendees prior to the event, support the attendee experience during the game, and tidy their area after it has concluded.

Please visit the FallCon Game Hosts page for more information about our Game Hosts.


Age Requirement: 16+

Skills/Requirements: Experience photographing people, comfortable talking to small groups, DSLR camera preferred.

Description: Photography Volunteers showcase our attendees and volunteers participating in all aspects of the Convention. They capture candid and posed photos of individuals and groups. They work with the social media team to select images for immediate posting to FallCon's socials during the Convention, as well as providing images for future use.

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