FallCon Game Hosts


FallCon as an organization is centered on the belief that People + Games = Better Communities, Families and Relationships. Our Game Hosts share this belief.

FallCon Game Hosts promote the hobby ahead of their own participation in it. There are many "gamers" who enjoy playing games, but hosts are those who put the enjoyment of others, especially those new to the hobby, ahead of their own.

Age is not a determining factor. FallCon has had Game Hosts as young as 10 years old. These inspiring young people can teach games with the best of them, setting aside their competitive spirit for the sake of everyone having a great time playing games.

Key Skills

  • professionalism
  • public speaking communication skills
  • ability to learn
  • ability to teach others without the rulebook
  • ability to host
  • friendly
  • sociable


  • know the FallCon purpose and values, and use them as guides to their behaviour when hosting games
  • attend an annual FallCon Game Host training session where we review the FallCon Teaching Method and play games
  • invest time in learning the FallCon Teaching Method and use it as FallCon events
  • attend a mandatory ConCrew Orientation session
  • moderate games and/or act as "tour guides" for new visitors at FallCon's annual convention
  • maximize the enjoyment of others when teaching or moderating games
  • be identifiable, sociable, welcoming and informative at FallCon events
  • promote FallCon as an organization overall


All ConCrew Perks, plus:

  • Access to the FallCon Gaming Library throughout the year

How to Volunteer for ConCrew 36

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​Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between FallCon Game Hosts and other types of hosts?

FallCon Game Hosts facilitate both Hosted Events and Open Gaming during the Convention. Meetup Hosts moderate our monthly meetups. Event Hosts volunteer at External Events.

Is there a video I can watch about the FallCon teaching method?

There is! The video is from 2011 but the method is still the same.

What happened to the Ambassador Program?

The Ambassador Program was discontinued in June 2018. The FallCon Organizing Committee recognizes that running a successful convention relies upon the support of volunteers of all types. External events (e.g. Otafest) transitioned from Ambassador-supported to being managed by our External Events team. With a growing convention and the changing needs we chose to replace the Ambassador Program rather than amend it.

I was an Ambassador. Can I keep my hat? Can I still wear it?

Yes, and yes! We're proud of our Ambassadors and trust you continue to support the convention and the hobby.

Is there a nomination process to be a FallCon Game Host?

Admission to the Ambassador program required nominations.This is no longer true for FallCon Game Hosts. However, the quality of both our Hosted and Open Gaming is an important part of the experience of convention attendees. FallCon Game Hosts are held to the same high standards that our Ambassadors were.

Please contact Mike Henders for more information.

FallCon Game Hosts