Past Canadian Game Design Award Winners

The FallCon Gaming Society, along with its founding counterpart The Canadian Wargamers Group, has had a rich history of fostering the Gaming Hobby in Canada since 1985. The current members of the Society felt it was time to make a further contribution to the hobby by launching an annual Canadian Game Design Contest that would highlight and eventually foster homegrown Canadian talent in game design.

Octopus Garden Cover
Octopus Garden by Roberta Taylor
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Undermining Cover
Undermining by Matt Tolman
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Coven Cover
Coven by Paul Saxberg
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Windfall Gateways Logo
Windfall Gateways by Joseph McDaid
(Unpublished game)
Super Motherload Cover
Super Motherload by Matt Tolman & Gavan Brown
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Video Game Studio Logo
Video Game Studio by Ben Hesketh & Graham Davis
(Unpublished game)
Sloops Logo
Sloops! by Sebastien Bernier-Wong & Peter Gorniak
(Unpublished game)
Finger Smiths Components
Finger Smiths by Dennis Ku & Daniel Rocchi
(Unpublished game)
Crash Factor Cover
Crash Factor by Herb Stanway
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The Transcontinental Cover
The Transcontinental by Glen Dresser
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Deadlocked Components
Deadlocked by Daniel Rocchi
(Unpublished game)


To give the award more of a cross-country flavour, we're happy to announce a partnership some awesome folks in the Canadian gaming scene. Along with the FallCon Gaming Society here in Calgary, these fine fellows perform the finalist evaluations to decide the eventual winner of the award.

Interactivity Board Game Cafe Logo

​Interactivity Board Game Cafe, located in Victoria BC, opened in 2013, and is a pillar of the community in its fair city. Offering a wide variety of games to try, as well as phenomenal milkshakes, they offer a great place to come down and play games with friends new and old.