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FallCon 28 Sponsor – Slugfest Games

by Alison Yale


Our latest sponsor has donated some fantastic games to our events! Slugfest games has generously donated some great games for our attendees and there will be a lot of ways you can get access to them! Slugfest is the creator of the famous Red Dragon Inn series, Fishing for Terrorists, High Noon Saloon, and Tiki Mountain. They’re great games with a little something for everybody! We’ve got Red Dragon Inn 2 in the Play to Win events, Red Dragon Inn 3 and Fishing For Terrorists in the Fallcon 365 meetup draw, Red Dragon Inn 4 and High Noon Saloon in the ticket raffle, 3 allies available to win in the Gamer Achievement Bingo, and Gambling I’m In in the Registration Draw! Join us at Fallcon 28 for chances to win these great games from Slugfest!