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FallCon Family Zone

by Michael Cox
FallCon 365 Champion and FallCon Ambassador


If you go looking on Amazon, or to Walmart, Toys R Us, and Chapters for Family Board games, you’ll typically find games like Chinese checkers, 20 questions, Rummikub, Clue, Chess, Cribbage, Monopoly, Sorry, Life – you get the idea. You won’t find those games at FallCon.  We will be introducing you to *our* favourite family games, most of which you have never heard of, and are not available at big box stores.

We proudly present our all-new Family Zone that will debut at FallCon 28 this October.

First and foremost there will be a GIANT King of Tokyo Game, brought to you by Studio4Signs and FallCon.

Studio4Signs FallConLogo

We will be running this enormous board game many times. Our play tests of this game have been wildly popular.  The next thing in the area that you will notice is a high concentration of miniature adults accompanied by their full-sized counterparts.  This is the area you bring your family to have a fun time gaming together.  We know how to teach kids games, and teach them good sportsmanship, and everyone has a great time.  No reading 10 pages of rules before we start play here.  We come prepared, with games that get you excited about playing fast, and then playing again because it was so much fun.

Our games capture kids’ attention on par with any electronic device you could name, but with an important difference.  They are playing with (or against) their siblings and their parents (and cousins and aunts and uncles and new friends).  This section of gaming will have its own library of games to choose from. There will be FallCon Ambassadors mingling about to teach games to everyone. The zone will have almost everything the FallCon Convention has had in the past but on a smaller scale. There will be sign up sheets for gamers to sign up to play hosted games. There will be games for children ages 6+.  As we have learned over the years of gaming the age on the side of the box doesn’t apply to many children.  The zone will be running Saturday until 3pm, and Sunday till close.

Many of the games will be gateway games. There will be more advanced games as well but they will be for the more mature children to teenager ranges to play. The list of games in the zone will also be labelled like the Main FallCon Library, with the Green, Blue, Black Diamond labelling system just like your local ski slopes.

Scheduled Games

Giant King of Tokyo, Sushi Go!, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Qwirkle, Resistance Avalon, Takenoko, Flash Point, Forbidden Island, The Adventurers, Rattlebones, Saboteur, Mysterium.

KingofTokyo SushiGo OneNightUltimateWerewolf Qwirkle The Resistance Avalon TakenokosSquare ForbiddenIsland MysteriumRattlebonesSaboteur Rattlebones Flash_Point Adventurers

Family Zone Games

1)      Catan Junior
2)      Coraxis & Co.
3)      Black Sheep
4)      King of Tokyo
5)      Robot Turtles
6)      Krosmaster Junior
7)      No Thanks!
8)      Just Desserts
9)      Noah
10)   Sushi Go!
11)   Crazy Creatures of Dr. Gloom
12)   Forbidden Island
13)   Carcassonne
14)   Flash Point: Fire Rescue
15)   Splendor
16)   Qwirkle
17)   Ticket To Ride
18)   Ab in die Tonne
19)   Abluxxen
20)   Magicians Kitchen

21)   One Night Ultimate Werewolf
22)   Resistance: Avalon
23)   Elfenland
24)   Vikings
25)   Machi Koro
26)   Colt Express
27)   Norderwind
28)   Cleopatra
29)   Castle Panic
30)   The Legend of Drizzit
31)   Takenoko
32)   King of New York
33)   Catan
34)   The Adventurers (Both)
35)   Alhambra
36)   Bang The Dice Game
37)   Black Fleet
38)   La Boca
39)   Castellan
40)   Coloretto

41)   Dixit
42)   Doodle Dice
43)   Forbidden Desert
44)   Galaxy Trucker
45)   Hanabi
46)   Jamaica
47)   Jungle Treasure
48)   Lords of Waterdeep
49)   Love Letter
50)   Wasabi!
51)   Undermining
52)   Tsuro
53)   Tri-Ominoes
54)   Terror in Meeple City
55)   Star Realms
56)   Small World
57)   Saboteur 1&2
58)   Quarriors
59)   Pandemic The Cure
60)   Nuns on the Run

61)   Mystery Express
62)   The Battle at Kembles Cascade
63)   Rattlebones
64)   Mice & Mystics
65)   Doodle Quest
66)   Blokus
67)   Camel Up
68)   Bullfrogs
69)   Dominion
70)   Deadmans Draw
71)   Chateau Roquefort
72)   Ugg-Tec
73)   Cardline, Timeline
74)   For Sale
75)   Loopin Louie
76)   Jenga Boom
77)   Mysterium
78)   Octopus Garden
79)   Primordial Soup
80)   Pirates Cove
81)   Rhino Hero
82)   Take it Easy
83)   Toc Toc Woodman
84)   Zooloretto