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Early Bird Prices End Wednesday – Register to Win Keyflower

Howdy Meeples,

Thank you for those of you who were in the first two hundred to register for FallCon 29.  You will automatically be entered into all future draws that celebrate other milestones as we approach FallCon 29.

Congratulations to Heather Robillard, you have won Nations, the prize from the draw for the first 200 people to register for FallCon 29.  You may pick up your prize in person at FallCon 29.  Heather holds a special place in our hearts and FallCon family of volunteers, as the wife of Jasen Robillard, former director and organizer of FallCon.  Thanks Heather, for all that we know you’ve done for FallCon, and all that we don’t.  If you want to know how much work goes into the behind the scenes of FallCon, Heather has first hand experience!  We look forward to gaming with you at FallCon 29, Heather.


Register for FallCon 29 to be entered into our draw celebrating the day we have 300 people registered.

Register for FallCon 29

Register early to maximize your chance of winning.  Thanks to those of you who have been sharing our posts on Facebook.  Every time you share a FallCon post on your Facebook timeline you will be entered to win.

The game for our third draw will be Keyflower.


Are you game?