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FallCon Gaming Society - Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Monkey Gives

With Thanksgiving so close behind FallCon, we are always in high spirits looking back on the weekend that was. This year is no different having reached new heights in total (550+) and family (120+) attendance. Looking back at the photos we captured over the weekend, it's fantastic to see the broad appeal of our hobby being more and more reflected in FallCon attendance. You, dear attendee, play a big part in this and we're seeking your feedback in making FallCon even better next year.

Once again, we're seeking responses to our annual post-convention survey. Please click the following link to fill out the survey and provide feedback to us. The deadline for entry is Saturday November 1, 2014. 


FAQ: Pre-FallCon27 Edition

FallCon Gaming Society - Thursday, October 02, 2014
Frequently Asked Questions - F.A.Q - FAQs on Keyboard

We've been getting a number of emails with questions about the weekend so let's handle as many of the commonly asked questions as possible, and throw in a few tips while we're at it as well.


Passes are available for purchase at the door throughout the weekend. That said, there are no passes exclusively for entry into the auction (Saturday night) or the flea market (on Sunday). Both the auction and flea market are meant to be part of the FallCon experience and are therefore benefits of the respective day and weekend passes. 


Commonwealth Hall provides a concession hall every year and the menu will be similar to the last couple of years. One of the stipulations of our venue contract is that no outside food is allowed in the convention. Commonwealth needs to pay staff for the concession and that factors into our rental costs. The "no outside food policy" is certainly meant to encourage people to partake in the concession food but packing a lunch is perfectly fine - we'll just ask you to eat outside. A number of folks I know pack a cooler and eat a picnic lunch on Saturday as a way of getting some fresh air over the course of the weekend! There are also quite a few highly rated restaurants nearby.

Are Kids Welcome to Stay "After Dark"?

Our FallCon After Dark Lounge area will be located in the Queen Room, the room where the auction is held. No minors will be allowed into the Queen Room during FallCon After Dark hours, but minors are welcome in the main hall throughout the convention hours (under the supervision of their parents, of course).

Parking & Transit

Last year due to construction in the immediate vicinity of Commonwealth Centre, parking was somewhat restricted. We've been told that the parking restrictions have eased since construction has ended. So we should have plenty of parking nearby. That said, as FallCon attracts more and more people we highly recommend using public transit or arranging car pooling to optimize the use of available parking. Just be careful not to park in business parking lots that don't allow parking during events - these should be clearly signed.

With respect to transit, the McKnight-Westwinds station on the NE LRT line is a 10-15 minute walk away from Commonwealth Centre. The station also offers the 95 Bus Route that drives by the Commonwealth Centre. On Friday, the 95 operates every 15 minutes until 7pm, and then every 30 minutes until midnight. Saturday and Sunday the 95 operates on a 30 minute weekend schedule. The stop ID for the bus if you want to route plan via the Calgary Transit website is #7104.

Should I Bring Games?

Generally speaking it's easiest if you leave your games at home, unless of course you have games for the auction or the flea market to sell. If you're worried that we don't have a specific game you want to play in our 900+ game library, you can always have a look at the full list of games beforehand and figure out if you're game is missing. Even if it is though, with over 900 games to pick from in the library, surely there's at least a dozen you'd be willing to play! If you still want to bring your game just in case, we suggest leaving it in the trunk of your car until you've gathered a group to play it. Our open gaming tables are for game play, not game storage! :)

Social Media

Finally, we'd love to see FallCon through you eyes on social media. If you're posting stories or photos from FallCon, we ask you to tag your posts with the hashtag #fallcon27. We'll be using twitterfall again this year to display your posts on the big screen during the con and the hashtag helps us find the relevant posts.

If you have any last minute questions, please post below and we'll try to answer your questions as soon as possible. Things get a little hairy the last couple of days before the con. :)

From all of us on the FallCon Core and our Ambassador Team, we very much look forward to greeting you this weekend. For those of you driving from Medicine Hat, Edmonton, Regina and even further afar - safe travels!


Getting to Know the FallCon Core: Sarah Stevenson

FallCon Gaming Society - Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Ok this will be the last of our FallCon profiles... at least until after the convention. Truth be told, we have so many dedicated volunteers that we won't have time to feature them all on the blog before the convention this weekend. We intend to continue the series after FallCon Weekend and we'll likely extend the series by first focussing on our numerous Game Ambassadors and then some of our awesome regular attendees. If you'd like to be part of the series, please send us an email.

Tomorrow, we'll do a round up of commonly asked questions and give a few tips for this weekend. Today though, our profile sheds light on one of the beautiful smiling faces that will greet you at Registration this weekend: Sarah Stevenson!

Sarah, please tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Sarah Stevenson and I grew up here in Calgary.  I often joke it’s hard to find a born-and-raised Calgarian these days! I went to the University of Calgary and completed a double BA in 2006. A few years later I met my husband, Nick, while working at a local consulting firm. We’ve been married for almost four years. We are typical Calgarians, spending most of our time in one quadrant of the city!

How did you get started with tabletop gaming? 

I don’t really remember when I started tabletop gaming. Dad had a games room in the house we grew up in. The closet was full games! At an early age we were introduced to Clue, The Game of Life, Stock Ticker, Mastermind, Sorry, Monopoly - all of the classics. My cousins, sister and I spent hours in the basement playing board games!

What's your role with FallCon?

I help coordinate and staff the registration desk at FallCon!  The FallCon registration desk is staffed by volunteers.  At registration we welcome participants, set them up with name badges and the registration of scheduled games. 

How did you become involved with FallCon? 

My aunt Susan used to be the Registration Coordinator at FallCon. When I was younger I used to hang out with her at the registration desk. When she was ready to pass the torch, I happily accepted the job. Occasionally she comes out of “retirement” and you will see her helping out at the Con. [ed: like this year, thanks Susan!]

What do you enjoy the most about your favourite game? 

One of my favorite games is Ticket to Ride.  I like the game because it’s a race to get from one destination to another. No, no I’m not competitive at all! [ed: she comes by it honestly; apple doesn't fall far from the tree]. The board is colourful and it’s a good way to get to know your geography too! 

What do you think makes a great party game? 

A great party game makes everyone laugh and gets players excited to play!

What other hobbies keep you occupied when you're not gaming?

When I’m not gaming, I’m crafting!  Lately I’m into making my own terrariums.  Check out my latest creation.

Where (and with whom) do you generally do most of your gaming?

Nick and I have regular games nights with friends.  Champagne Thursdays would not be complete without playing a game or two!  Dixit and 7 Wonders are two of the group’s favourites.

For the Love of Games Challenge #3: Public Game Play

FallCon Gaming Society - Sunday, September 28, 2014
Tableau of Victory and Defeat [263/365]

We're heading into the final few days before FallCon Weekend! By this time every year, the anticipation is just gnawing at me (like the zombies in my last game of Dead of Winter). It's time to put that live wire energy to good use, don't you think? Time for Challenge #3!

Here's a quick recap of our Challenges:

Challenge #3 is another PDA, or public display of (gaming) affection. This week as a lead into to FallCon, we're challenging you to play games in public venues and areas. Since you partook in last week's challenge, you already have a few games at work. Time to wipe the dust off those games and put them to good use!

This week's forecast isn't quite as nice as last week's but there's still a couple great days for lunch time gaming outside at your nearby park or walkway (Memorial Park or Eau Clair). Monday, Wednesday and Friday would be perfect for a game of Hive, or Carcassonne outside on a lunch or coffee break! For Tuesday and Thursday, why not play inside at one of the numerous +15 eating areas or in the Devonian Gardens? Or find a free boardroom and get a few coworkers together to play a game of Sushi Go or 7 Wonders.

Like our other Challenges, which are still ongoing, we're asking you to take a picture of your PDA and then share it back with FallCon via twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #FallCon 27. We'll be drawing a random winner for each challenge and each winner will receive a free weekend pass to FallCon.

Can't think of anyone to play with at lunch hour this week? We suggest commenting below with a day, game, location and time and allow others to respond with availability and interest. So get out there, meet some fellow gamers, showcase your favourite games and show the world how fun this hobby and this gaming community can be! If we can get a bunch of comments and replies, we might even be able to coordinate a gaming flash mob. Wouldn't that be cool!?


What is FallCon?

FallCon is a boardgame and tabletop miniatures convention for the masses held every fall in Calgary. Consider FallCon a philosophical extension to those fun Friday game nights you spend with family and friends! Against a backdrop of fun and friendly competition, gamers young and old are invited to join us in playing some of the best games available today.

October 3-5, 2014

Commonwealth Centre

3961 52nd Avenue NE #1177
Calgary, AB

Pass Info

Weekend Pass - $50

Family Weekend Pass - $80

Friday Pass - $20      4:00pm-12:00am

Saturday Pass - $30   8:00am-12:00am

Sunday Pass - $20     9:00am-4:00pm

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