FallCon Ambassador


– have a love for the hobby and how the hobby can develop relationships and foster learning.  In fact, FallCon as an organization is centred on the belief that People + Games = Better Communities, Families and Relationships.  Ambassadors share this belief.

– Ambassadors are willing to promote the hobby ahead of their own participation in it.  There are many ‘gamers’ who enjoy playing games, but Ambassadors are those that put the enjoyment of others, especially those new to the hobby, ahead of their own.

– have been nominated by at least 2 people in the FallCon Organizing Team who feel that you would make a good Ambassador.

– Age is not a determining factor.  We are accepting youth ambassadors who meet the Ambassador qualifications, as young as 10 years old.  These inspiring young people can teach games with the best of them, and set aside their competitive spirit for the sake of everyone having a great time playing games.

Key Skills

– professionalism
– communication skills
– ability to learn


– know the FallCon purpose and values, and use them as guides to their behaviour when undertaking Ambassador activities
– invest time in learning the prescribed FallCon teaching method, and use it at FallCon events
– maximize the enjoyment of others when teaching or moderating games
– be identifiable, sociable, welcoming and informative at FallCon events
– moderate games and/or act as ‘tour guides’ for new visitors at FallCon’s annual convention, and make best efforts to support other FallCon events throughout the year
– promote FallCon as an organization overall

Privileges and Benefits

– participation in ‘Ambassador only’ events hosted by FallCon
– FallCon Ambassador apparel
– Access to the FallCon gaming library throughout the year

Note: this page is under development.  Our webmistress will be adding FallCon volunteer positions as they are defined and can be extracted from our Volunteer Handbook, and as needs develop and grow.

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  1. Rob Bendig says:

    I’ve been attending FallCon for a number of years and have volunteered to run games in the past. This year I would like to get more involved in the event.

    • Darren Bezzant says:

      Thanks Rob! If you want to run an event – you can submit it at : http://goo.gl/forms/6hvuUYvYTw

      Event Hosts get a $10 credit for running events.

      If you wanted to be more involved, we can talk about becoming an Ambassador, and you can help out in the open gaming area!


  2. Farzin Yaghoutkhah says:

    Hi Guys;

    I would like to get involved and volunteer at FallCon 2016, as a n ambassador.

  3. Hi there,
    I’m interested in becoming involved. Who do I talk to? I really enjoy teaching and so I’m especially curious to learn about the “prescribed FallCon teaching method”.

    • Darren Bezzant says:

      Hi Jeremy – thanks for your email. I will definitely pass your name along to our volunteer coordinator!

      Give me a couple of weeks to get the group organized into setting up FallCon 30 🙂


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