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A Saturday of gaming starting at 11:30 am and going until 6 pm at the Legion 285 on Horton Road SW.

Water: There has been a issue at this location in the past regarding requesting water from the Bar or from the waitresses. There are supposed to be a couple jugs of water setup in the room for us. They will refill these for us but not on a demand type situation but rather a when they get time.

What kinds of games do you play?

We play a variety of board and card games at this event. If you have any specific types of games you wish to play, please bring them with you but there is always plenty to choose from. Please visit Board Game Geek ( for more details on the kinds of games we play.

I don’t know how to play these games
There is nothing to worry about as there are plenty of people who are more than willing to teach games. Members are friendly, enthusiastic and love games and gaming!

We strive to foster an environment of fun so bring along a friend or three. Children are encouraged to attend.

Any cost?

The venue and event are totally free! Just come and enjoy.

Outside food or drink?

Outside food or beverages are not permitted. There is a kitchen and a bar available. We do not pay to use the space here, please purchase food / drinks to help them offset the free play space.

Debit / Credit Cards?

Yes debit / credit cards are available to use at this location for the food / drinks. If you are purchasing meals they are ok with us using them. If you are purchasing a drink or something for only a couple dollars please bring and use cash. Using your debit card might not cost you for every use but it does cost the facility everytime it gets used. Please bring cash if at all possible.

I’m Lost!


What game(s) should I bring?

We are trying a new thing here, mostly to save our backs 🙂

1. If you have a game(s) you want to teach, bring it along, and post about it in the comments. If someone wants to learn it, please update the comments and make arrangements.

2. If you have a game(s) you want to learn, bring it along and post about it in the comments. If someone can teach it, please update the comments and make arrangements.

3. If there is a game(s) you want to learn, but you don’t own it, post about it in the Comments. If someone can bring it, then please post about it in the comments. Otherwise check the FallCon Library ( to see if the Librarian has it, and check to see if it can be brought along.

Above all, lets have fun and play games!