Join us for board games every Tuesday night at Dickens Pub, which is graciously providing access to its solid game library along with ample table space.  Play a game from the library or bring your own!

This event is open to gamers of all levels!  If you want to play games, we want you to come play games—no experience is necessary, but a good attitude is a must!

To better set expectations regarding actual start times and avoid having people miss out, please note the following: attendees are free to arrive from 5:30 p.m. onwards and parking is free downtown starting at 6:00, so we’ll aim to play filler games until ~6:15 to allow for folks to trickle in.  People are still welcome to show up after that, but those who do must accept the risk that all games may have begun.

How to find us: after descending the stairs(*), immediately turn right towards the pool tables and keep walking. We’ll be to the right of the pool tables. If you don’t soon see board games, you’ve probably gone the wrong way.

(*) The pub has an elevator, should you need it; please call them directly at 403-233-7550 to arrange use.

Other details:
• The pub and event will have a soft closing time; we’ll be able to finish games underway as long as we’re not pushing it—an extra 10 minutes is fine, 30 is not.
• This event is ages 18+ due to the pub’s liquor licence. 
• By organizer’s request, this event features “bar service”: please place any food and drink orders directly at the bar.