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The FallCon Gaming Society, along with its founding counterpart The Canadian Wargamers Group, has had a rich history of fostering the Gaming Hobby in Canada since 1985. The current members of the Society felt it was time to make a further contribution to the hobby by launching an annual Canadian Game Design Contest that would highlight and eventually foster homegrown Canadian talent in game design.


To give the award more of a cross-country flavour, we’re happy to announce a partnership some awesome folks in the Canadian gaming scene. Along with the FallCon Gaming Society here in Calgary, these fine fellows perform the finalist evaluations to decide the eventual winner of the award.

Interactivity Board Game Cafe, located in Victoria BC, opened in 2013, and is a pillar of the community in its fair city.  Offering a wide variety of games to try, as well as phenomenal milkshakes, they offer a great place to come down and play games with friends new and old.


Enigmatic Events is run by Chris Rudram. Chris is an avid board gamer by night and a full-time creative thinker. He likes to find new ways to inspire and entertain his friends and colleagues. He’s run murder mysteries in Victoria and London for the last ten years. He has managed and helped run events including fund-raisers, creative design jams, board gaming events and parties.  His fifteen years in the software industry has given him an eye for detail, the ability to look at problems from different points of view and a lot of experience in managing projects of all sizes. He has aPh.D in software testing, and only occasionally insists on being called Doctor.




This is the CGDA’s 8th year. Our past winners include:

  • 2010: Roberta Taylor – Octopus’ Garden
  • 2011: Matt Tolman – Undermining
  • 2012: Paul Saxberg – Coven
  • 2013: Joseph McDaid – Windfall: Gateways
  • 2014: Gavan Brown & Matt Tolman: Super Motherload
  • 2015: Ben Hesketh & Graham Davis: Video Game Studio
  • 2016: Sebastien Bernier-Wong & Peter Gorniak: Sloops!
  • 2017: Dennis Ku & Daniel Rocchi: Fingersmiths


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