Certainly not a popular section to read, but some semblance of order is necessary to ensure that everyone enjoys the activities of this week-end.

NOTE: PLEASE UNDERSTAND that by agreeing to join our convention as a participant, you are agreeing to the guidelines below.

  1. Sportsmanship is expected. Throwing games, leaving events (without the consent of the other players) or poor gaming conduct will NOT be tolerated. Individuals displaying these mannerisms will be evicted from the convention.
  2. Screaming, swearing and obnoxious behavior will NOT be tolerated. Feel free to remind that individual of this rule or notify the convention organizers at the Registration Area and we will discuss it with them!
  3. No alcohol or illegal substances are allowed anywhere in the convention.  There is a pub located upstairs, but it is outside the convention area.
  4. No uniforms, or military dress is allowed from any era except for current members of the Canadian Armed Forces, who may wear their appropriate dress uniforms. Special considerations will be given if approved by the organizers.
  5. No one shall carry or display weapons, real or facsimile. Items will be confiscated and returned at the end of the convention.
  6. Please make a conscious effort to keeping the convention clean and tidy.
  7. Please respect the games and property of others. Ask before opening or using any game other than your own. Any instance of theft will be dealt with harshly.
  8. The organizers of the FallCon reserve the right to refuse entry or evict anyone from the convention. To assist us, we ask that all participants to please wear their name badges at all times.
  9. The FallCon Gaming Society will have photographers and videographers on location during the convention. Your registration for FallCon constitutes your consent to have your photo and/or video taken during the convention. Any such images are property of the FallCon Gaming Society ad may be used for future promotional and/or marketing material at the Society’s discretion.
  10. FallCon Library games cannot be taken outside of the Convention Area.