Can I purchase passes at the door?
Can I go to just the FallCon auction?
Can I go to just the FallCon flea market?
Where do I eat at the FallCon convention?
Can I bring food to the FallCon convention?
Can my kids come to the FallCon After Dark?
Can I get to FallCon using Calgary Transit?
Is there parking at the Convention Centre?
Should I bring my own games to FallCon?
Can I post stories about FallCon on social media?
What Happened to the Family Pass?
Why did FallCon increase its ticket price this year?

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Frequently Asked Questions – Answered


Passes are available for purchase at the door throughout the weekend. That said, there are no passes exclusively for entry into the auction (Saturday night) or the flea market (on Sunday). Both the auction and flea market are meant to be part of the FallCon experience and are therefore benefits of the respective day and weekend passes.


Commonwealth Hall provides a concession hall every year and the menu will be similar to the last couple of years. One of the stipulations of our venue contract is that no outside food is allowed in the convention. Commonwealth needs to pay staff for the concession and that factors into our rental costs. The “no outside food policy” is certainly meant to encourage people to partake in the concession food but packing a lunch is perfectly fine – we’ll just ask you to eat outside. A number of folks I know pack a cooler and eat a picnic lunch on Saturday as a way of getting some fresh air over the course of the weekend! There are also quite a few highly rated restaurants nearby.

Are Kids Welcome to Stay “After Dark”?

Our FallCon After Dark Lounge area will be located in the Queen Room, the room where the auction is held. No minors will be allowed into the Queen Room during FallCon After Dark hours, but minors are welcome in the main hall throughout the convention hours (under the supervision of their parents, of course).

Parking & Transit

Last year due to construction in the immediate vicinity of Commonwealth Centre, parking was somewhat restricted. We’ve been told that the parking restrictions have eased since construction has ended. So we should have plenty of parking nearby. That said, as FallCon attracts more and more people we highly recommend using public transit or arranging car pooling to optimize the use of available parking. Just be careful not to park in business parking lots that don’t allow parking during events – these should be clearly signed.

With respect to transit, the McKnight-Westwinds station on the NE LRT line is a 10-15 minute walk away from Commonwealth Centre. The station also offers the 95 Bus Route that drives by the Commonwealth Centre. On Friday, the 95 operates every 15 minutes until 7pm, and then every 30 minutes until midnight. Saturday and Sunday the 95 operates on a 30 minute weekend schedule. The stop ID for the bus if you want to route plan via theCalgary Transit website is #7104.

Should I Bring Games?

Generally speaking it’s easiest if you leave your games at home, unless of course you have games for the auction or the flea market to sell. If you’re worried that we don’t have a specific game you want to play in our 900+ game library, you can always have a look at thefull list of games beforehand and figure out if you’re game is missing. Even if it is though, with over 900 games to pick from in the library, surely there’s at least a dozen you’d be willing to play! If you still want to bring your game just in case, we suggest leaving it in the trunk of your car until you’ve gathered a group to play it. Our open gaming tables are for game play, not game storage! 🙂

Social Media

We’d love to see FallCon through your eyes on social media. If you’re posting stories or photos from FallCon, we ask you to tag your posts with the hashtag #fallcon28. We’ll be using twitterfall again this year to display your posts on the big screen during the con and the hashtag helps us find the relevant posts.

What Happened to the Family Pass?

Eventbrite and Sched have some great features that we are using to make an even better FallCon for our attendees.  You can buy tickets for multiple people, say a family, and each person can sign up individually on Sched for the games they want to play.  To make that possible, each person has to have a ticket.  To encourage families to come to FallCon, we’ve kept children 12 and under free, and youth is $15 for a weekend pass. Please note that all children under 12 must be accompanied by a parent at all times.

Why did FallCon increase its ticket price this year?

We have not raised our ticket prices in six years, and we don’t do this lightly.  FallCon is a non-profit organization, run entirely by volunteers.  Costs of running the convention have gone up, and we need to break even.  So a great deal of thought, discussion, and consideration of alternatives went into this decision.  Almost all of the costs of running the convention have historically been covered by ticket sales, and we have ultimately decided on this price increase to cover our increased costs.

We are investigating other fundraising venues as well.  If you have concerns, questions, or would like to sponsor FallCon, contact us directly at

If you have any last minute questions, please send us an email through ‘contact us’ or comment on this page and we’ll try to answer your questions as soon as possible.

From all of us on the FallCon Core and our Ambassador Team, we very much look forward to greeting you at FallCon 28. For those of you driving from Medicine Hat, Edmonton, Regina and even further afar – safe travels!