Can I purchase tickets at the door?
Can I go to just the FallCon auction?
Can I go to just the FallCon flea market?
Where do I eat at the FallCon convention?
Can I bring food to the FallCon convention?
What about noise control?
Can I get to FallCon using Calgary Transit?
Is there parking at SAIT?
Should I bring my own games to FallCon?
Can I post stories about FallCon on social media?
What Happened to the Family Pass?
Will FallCon increase its ticket price this year?

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Frequently Asked Questions – Answered


Tickets are available for purchase at the door throughout the weekend. That said, there are no tickets exclusively for entry into the auction (Saturday night) or the flea market (on Sunday). Both the auction and flea market are meant to be part of the FallCon experience and are therefore benefits of the respective day and weekend tickets.


You can bring food in as individuals. Having a pizza delivered is perfectly fine. There is no alcohol in the gym, but if you want to grab a beer, you can go to the bar upstairs.
We are finding out if we are allowed to play games in the bar. There is a food court located upstairs, and several restaurants located within walking distance at North Hill Mall.

What about noise control?

If you have been to FallCon before, there are 500+ attendees. We plan to keep the noise down a little by lowering the sound barriers SAIT has in its gym, and having the social games in an area of the gym where the barrier is lowered to the floor. SAIT is also installing vinyl on the floor of the gym to dampen the sound and protect the floor.

Parking & Transit

Parking is $7 per day to park onsite, and there is some free residential parking within a couple of blocks. Please be considerate of residents in the area.

Transit is a cinch, the C-train station at SAIT is within a few hundred meters of the gym where FallCon will be.

See the SAIT campus map at the SAIT campus Map  for parking and C train location – we are in building V, or the SAIT Campus Centre, in the gym.

<Click the map for a larger view>

Should I Bring Games?

Generally speaking it’s easiest if you leave your games at home, unless of course you have games for the auction or the flea market to sell. If you’re worried that we don’t have a specific game you want to play in our 900+ game library, you can always have a look at thefull list of games beforehand and figure out if you’re game is missing. Even if it is though, with over 900 games to pick from in the library, surely there’s at least a dozen you’d be willing to play! If you still want to bring your game just in case, we suggest leaving it in the trunk of your car until you’ve gathered a group to play it. Our open gaming tables are for game play, not game storage! 🙂

Social Media

We’d love to see FallCon through your eyes on social media. If you’re posting stories or photos from FallCon, we ask you to tag your posts with the hashtag #fallcon30. Throughout the weekend we’ll be posting to our Instagram and facebook feeds as well.

What Happened to the Family Pass?

Eventbrite and Sched have some great features that we are using to make an even better FallCon for our attendees.  You can buy tickets for multiple people, say a family, and each person can sign up individually on Sched for the games they want to play.  To make that possible, each person has to have a ticket.  To encourage families to come to FallCon, we’ve kept children 12 and under free, and youth is $15 for a weekend pass. Please note that all children under 12 must be accompanied by a parent at all times.

Will FallCon increase its ticket price this year?

No. We raised our ticket price for the first time in six years last year. We covered all our costs with that increase, and we are able to offer the same price, despite moving to a new venue.

If you have any last minute questions, please send us an email through ‘contact us’ or comment on this page and we’ll try to answer your questions as soon as possible.

From all of us on the FallCon Core and our Ambassador Team, we very much look forward to greeting you at FallCon 30. For those of you driving from Medicine Hat, Edmonton, Regina and even further afar – safe travels!

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  1. Calvin Jim says:

    Hi all,

    I am relatively new to FallCon having only attended the last couple of years with my family in tow. We purchased our early-bird tickets and can’t wait to come again this year.

    I want to participate / sell games at the Auction and Flea Market. Can you tell me what I need to do to participate in both of these events.

    Thank you very much.

  2. Darren Bezzant says:

    Hi Calvin – I’ve sent an email to the address associated with your post. If you don’t get it, please drop me a note at

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