We are excited to announce that Artemis will be joining us again this year for Fallcon 32! Artemis is a space ship bridge simulator where you and your friends can take control of space cruiser and make decisions together in space!

All credit for this page goes to Artemis and their website:

Welcome to Artemis, the game where you take up a console and guide your ship and your team to victory.

Originally designed as a LAN game, the Artemis community often hosts privately owned servers that players of all calibres can connect to and have rounds, either with or against other players.

There are six positions that will be covered in the scope of this guide.

  • Captain
  • Weapons (Tactical)
  • Engineering
  • Helm
  • Science
  • Communications

It is possible, but highly inadvisable, for players to operate a ship entirely on their own.

The main menu is spartan to say the least, containing only the ability to host your own server (which is unfortunately outside the scope of this guide) and the ability to connect to an outbound server via IP address.

Locating a server is relatively straightforward: by joining a VOIP service such as TeamSpeak or Ventrilo and asking if there are any servers active.

While intimidating, you will soon learn that unlike other games, where voice communications are highly recommended but otherwise optional, voice communications in Artemis are essential to any degree of success. It is impossible to type messages to other players in Artemis, and there is too much information to convey to your crewmates to simply type.

At the end of this guide will be a handful of VOIP servers that you can connect to. Be forewarned, however, that the authors of this guide cannot guarantee the quality of community members.

Artemis Captain View

Getting Started

Once you have inputted a server and connected to the correct VOIP service, discuss with the other players who is taking which of the six stations. It is possible, but inadvisable, to double up on certain stations.

The ship/station listing is not constantly updated, so double check your ship and station to ensure you have the right one selected. Click the "Ready to Start" button at the bottom right and then wait for the game to begin.

Once you've started, you'll notice three tabs at the very top of the screen. The first tab is your console, specific to your assigned position. The remaining two are shared and are always available. They are:

  • LRS (Long Range Sensors): A sectorwide map that shows the position and number of various map elements, including enemies. This map does not, however, identify enemies by type or report on their current status.
  • VIS (Visual): Lets you see the exterior of the ship. You can't rotate the camera - it only flies behind the player ship.

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