Auction Preview is Live!

We are excited to officially announce that our live auction preview list is almost complete! You can view the items currently listed for sale on our public view spreadsheet. This list will evolve over the next few weeks: check back to view updates and changes! Most of the games can be searched on BoardGameGeek if you are looking for more information.

The auction will begin at 5:30 pm on Saturday night in Room A of the convention and we are looking forward to having you join us!


FallCon Auction FAQ:

    • Can I view the auctioned items before the Auction?
      Yes, you can view the Auction list at and you may view the exterior of the boxes on the Auction shelves until 5:00pm Saturday. If you wish to view a game’s components prior to that time, you must ask an auction volunteer to pull the game from the shelf for you.


  • How does it work?
    The auctioneer will announce a lot number and a game. Holding the game aloft, they begin reciting dollar amounts which grow higher in value. Bidders raise their pink batons high, lowering them only when they are no longer willing to pay the bid amount. Once there is a single baton still raised, the auctioneer will point at the bidder and repeat the winning bid amount. A runner takes the game to the purchaser, who pays CASH in exchange for the game.
  • Can I pay with paypal or with my credit card?
    No. The auction is cash only. Please bring lots of small bills and some loonies!
  • Where do I get my pink baton?
    Your pink baton will be given to you when you enter the auction area before it begins. Hold the baton up only when you want to bid on the current item being auctioned. Keep it down when you are not wanting to bid on an item.
  • Do I have to attend the auction?
    No, there will be open gaming & limited FallCon staff available in the rest of the gymnasium.
  • What else happens at the Auction?


      • The Canadian Game Design Award winner will be announced.  For more information, check out this link.
      • Our Door Prizes will be given away during the auction: your ticket will be given to you when you check in to the convention!


  • Are there any refunds, if I don’t want the game I just purchased?
    If for any reason you are unhappy with the completeness/quality of the game, we will give a full refund, & return the game to the seller or attempt to resell the game if the auction is still in progress. ? You must tell the runner ? Not sure how to handle this at reg? After 10pm Sat. all sales are final.

  • Can I use my baton to hit other players?
    Only if they outbid you. Seriously is this really a question? No, you cannot hit other players.

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