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  1. scott says:

    morn. in addition to signing up to play a boardgame, it looks like you can check out boardgames, attend the auction (not sure what that is), and go to the flea market. are there other things? i am sure there is but just couldn’t find a fullsome description on the webpage. thanks for passing along any info

    • FallCon says:

      Hi Scott – sorry, missed I missed your post here. I did get your email, but I will respond here as well with the same stuff, in case others want to chime in:

      That pretty much covers it at a high level – there are a bunch of hosted events where people will teach and play the game; over 1000 games in our open gaming library, where our ambassadors can help you find players, teachers and even suggest games to play; There is a prototype area with aspiring game designers showing off their games; there are a few vendors selling games and other geeky stuff; the Auction and flea market are always fun, and there will be some bigger games like Two rooms and a boom and werewolf!

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