GMT Games has been a sponsor of FallCon for as long as I can remember.  They make top quality strategy board games, and pack a ton of game into every box.

This year they have generously donated the games below. Thank you!


Dominant Species

Dominant Species is an action selection style game that has each player taking the role of a different species before the ice age.  You feed, grow, and fight to stay alive in this 3-hour brain-burner.  I really like the action timing mechanism, it makes for some great decisions and tense strategy.  Play with 6, if possible, for the best experience, but expect it to take a while.


Twilight Struggle

Twilight Struggle is the king of the cold-war style games.  This 2-player card driven strategy game is one of the best thematic head-to-head games I have ever played.  The learning curve can be steep, with a lot of cards having many different interactions, but it is well worth trying out.

Urban Sprawl

Urban Sprawl

Urban Sprawl is a city-building game.  You are trying to build your way to being the richest and most powerful in a thriving metropolis. The grid mechanism makes for a good think, and you really have to pay attention for the right opportunities. Since it can be a long-ish game with 4 players, I believe the sweet spot is 3 players.


Cuba Libre

Cuba Libre was the second of GMT’s COIN systems, and probably my favourite.  4 players (ideally) manoeuvre for political and social control of Cuba.  With asymmetric powers and goals, this is a different game for every faction.

Many thanks to GMT Games for the donations! Come try these out in the library!

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